Search Queries Case Study | A Humbling Update

So after or close to thirty days since I wanted to get this post out before month end, I have seen some interesting improvements. I wanted to be forth right and come out with the results from my Search Query Case study to show you need to be prepared for everything.

Case study notes:

First day improvements:

September 1st : brought the two search queries into the pages under the title text and content so when we point our blog posts and links to them we get some coherence.

Sept. 2nd:

Submitted (Any Time You Commence Search Engine Optimization Examine Your Current Competition First) to ezines with keyword phrase

September 5, 2010

Found that I have pushed back as my search query for organic SEO services went to 580 from 370 this isn’t good. Did article for this query pointing to the blog post it ranks for.

September 15th: Did some onsite SEO to optimize the targeted pages for the search terms.

After the fifth I got busy publishing hubs for other sites that I didn’t get a chance to go back and look how my search queries ranking had changed. From the fifth there were an additional 6 articles submitted. So there are 12 articles published which has six for Toronto Search Engine Optimization and six for Organic SEO Services


Right now there are no results for Toronto Search Engine Optimization and I have dropped back from 310 to 500 on the Organic SEO Services

So with this you might say why the heck would I use those services if it’s only going to knock me down the rankings. I believe that to get the full results this should be a quarterly case study. Having the links will pass more “link juice” to the site which will help increase the rank of the site. What we can not control is what the client’s search terms will be, so look at this study as casting your web out and letting it mature and get stick as to get those search queries when they come.

So like I said either good or bad I would display the results of this study, I will also come back at the end of January to see if there has been any improvement.


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    How would you compare and contrast this kind of case study with the case studies you study at business schools?

    I am interested to learn more about “custom publishing” as you write in your Twitter bio.

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    In reading case studies, not only do I like reading a relevant case, but I like a good story. I want to relate to the company and feel like they share my pain. Don’t make a dry, impersonal case study. Make something compelling.

  3. Sanora says

    I was reading through some of your articles on this site and I believe this web site is very instructive! Keep on putting up.

  4. Michel Gleaton says

    The master’s eye does more than both his hands. – German Proverb

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    Akihiko? I hope that my Google translation of your comment and name is correct but at the moment all the SEO projects we have are spoken for. I will keep your email and contact info for and freelance work I might get in the future

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