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Hey Everyone!

Summer is now over and it’s time to get back to school, Sort of back to some free online courses. I get the benefit of starting School in October. As you may know (if you’ve read my other posts) I enrolled into Harvard University’s Computer Science Course that is offered through the program. After going through the fifteen week program and successfully completing it I am now embarking on my next challenge or course. I have enrolled into the University of Toronto’s Behavioral Economics program. This is a shorter six week course where we will learn to use behavioral methodology to influence change on buying, eating and fiscal habits and use those principles to change policy and develop decision making schematics.

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I have always been interested in the mind and why we form habits and how to change them for the better and I have also been keen to read self development books but I feel this will build both that interest and my interest in Economics. From reading the brief overview of the course it will also play into my statistical analysis of large data sets. Whom any website owner or inbound marketer will tell you is essential for success. The final project like that of CS50 is a culmination of the coursework and is to purpose a solution to a specific decision-making problem.

In preparation for this I have gone back and read some of my habit breaking/creating books that I have read over the years. It’s also a good coincidence that one of my weekly read websites is  which has an abundance of articles and studies on behavior and decision mapping.

I’d like to eventually write an article or maybe jump into being an author and write about the archetype’s you find in an office environment. I’ve been very lucky to work in every size of business from one of Canada’s largest banks to starting my own business. I’ve found that no matter what company or what size there are always the same types of people. Maybe this is just something everyone already knows but I think identifying how to effectively deal with each type will allow the readers to gain some useful and practical knowledge. Isn’t that what reading is for, the attainment of previously unknown knowledge?

Either way I wanted to take some time on this Friday afternoon and post about what’s currently eating my time.


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