Getting the most out of your External Links

When it comes time to acquiring external links, we tend to think about anchor text first. In this for this post it I will help you understand that anchor

getting the most out of your links

getting the most out of your links

text is critical in external links. Search engines expect that some links in the portfolio of backlinks will be just the URL

( – but this an inefficient way to pursue external links. Always ask for the right anchor text at the minimum. So how can we get the best yielding external link?

One way is to supply easy to copy HTML for the link and provide a multi keyphrase (longtail) for the anchor text with a partition between each phrase. Some times this will get three links for every one. As the search engine’s come across our multi phrase links, they take each one in isolation and consider the factors that make it valuable as a vote for each of the phrases.

Getting the most out of your external links

As an example, one of our clients is an eCommerce retailer with several Men’s Hats sites, one of which is here in Canada. The anchor text Men’s Baseball Hats, Men’s bucket Hats, Men’s fedora Hats sets will help the site rank for the phrases all of which are researched keyphrases relating to Men’s Hats. This particular site is the latest franchise in a series and still has work to so, but other sites in the company have performed well for each of these phrases, notably the UK branch, using this technique.

Another technique to get profitable anchor text is to quite simply “be politely”. Even humorously request the link right from your website. Have widget on the sidebar or footer with HTML to copy that provides the rich anchor text desired. Make it as easy to possible for the visiting webmaster to use the text in a link to you from his or her site.

When it comes to no-follow and do-follow links exercise some common sense, do not take a do-follow link on an already crowded page as this will minimize any advantage the do follow offers. Subsequently do not shy away from a no-follow link if the domain and page have high authority.Getting the most out of you links

Hopefully this allows you to make the most of using anchor text with external links by having multiple key phrases for the anchor text in the link


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