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Content writing is not just writing anything old piece for the internet. A content writer such as myself always keeps three important aspects in mind before I start writing.

These three factors are targeted to any potential reader, why somebody should read the piece, what action we want the reader to generate and how to achieve the maximum exposure for each work. Since I keep theses three keys in mind for every article, then the our battle is surely won. The advantage I have is the important element of  SEO content writing. Already knowing what the search engines look for and value allows me to write articles that will generate you traffic.

Search engine optimization is increasingly becoming an all important factor in web design. More and more business people around the globe are investing in their websites and the promotion of them. However, there are a few writers who do not understand the importance of content.

If you were to search for content service providers on any search engine your results could be a little interesting. Different content service providers each charge differently. Typically, the charges of web content writing packages vary depending on the quality and experience of the content writer. Education and background play a big part in this since each writer has their own distinct resume myself for instance have a marketing degree and have worked several sales jobs ranging from the financial district to food industry each bring a variety of niche specific terms other writers may not have depending on their experience

Web content writing is not have restricted to the format of a dissertation. Understanding that people skim through content on the Internet means that proper formatting is vital. Highlighting key points with bold typeface, spacing or numbers really help. My web design experience has allowed me to use the keywords that are relevant to your site and will significantly improve your traffic to your website. The advantage to this is the traffic is organic or free if you are unfamiliar with search engines. Since the traffic is organic search engines will send traffic to your site on a regular basis once you start ranking higher and higher in the search engine results.

Search engines like Google provide information to the readers that use them searching for a particular topic or subject, think of the search engines as link between the reader questions and answers. Understanding what the reader wants plays a big part in your content, if the commercial intent of your reader is high then it would be best to not bore them with the history of your product.

People use search engines for two purposes, one to find information on a topic, (what,who and where type questions).The second is to take an action buy, sell, sign up. Knowing what intent your read has will vary what type of content you should target to your reader.

There are many methods of content writing and we here at the McConnell Group have the ability to provide a solution to each one of your needs. Serving as a Mississauga Copywriter


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    I really like to use content writers to publish material when I am having writer’s block. There fresh content helps to re-energize my writing.

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