Our SEO Marketing and How To SEO

Okay for those who know SEO marketing and how to SEO you already can see that I might, just might be title stuffing or at least going into Google insights searching SEO and localizing the results to see who is looking for what terms and how I can match them up. Is it so bad to want to take advantage of the search data and use it for my benefit? I don’t think so because I’m not restoring to poorly spun content of stuffing my meta tags with keywords. (I’ve actually stopped using keywords meta tags)

I started this post because I will actually be looking to join a local (Mississauga or Toronto) web design firm. I have been working on the side lines (5pm to 9pm) for about three years now and feel I have developed my skills enough that I have something to offer potential suitors. I mean I outrank some of them for certain key terms. I can politely show them this or maybe not.

I’ve always been taught if you don’t know find someone who does and learn from them and always dress for the position ahead of you not the one you’re in.

The idea of going to work full time and interacting with like minded creative people seems like a dream, but now I have been given the opportunity to have it happen for real!

I mean sitting behind a computer optimizing client’s websites and helping engage their Facebook pages is where my passion has turned to.

I have taken the time to show readers that I can use some pretty impressive search engine marketing tactics to get traffic

Part of my excelled knowledge is not from my own brain but from know where the credible sources of good and relevant information are. In particular I am contributing member at SEOmoz.com one of the major websites for all things SEO related. It’s their shared information and excellent tools that help me to be better, I am the student and they my professor and a great one at that too


Yup, an SEO Balloon Party, You're Jelous

Also being part of such a well-informed community allows me to be alert to potential problems like the upcoming Google algorithm adjustment that will be targeting overly optimized sites and penalizing them.

It’s this type of information that sets me apart and allows me to be proficient at what I do, some of it is SEO Marketing and some of it is showing people how to SEO for themselves but either way I’m helping the community and if I was part of a team I would help them greatly too!

Well tomorrow is Friday and it’s going to be a nice day out, so I will take the morning to get some work done and then give myself an “early weekend”  which means if the patio is open I’ll join a few friends for a drink and have a discussion on what to do after the TFC game we’re going to on Saturday

Oh and if you’re a potential client or employer, I’m just like you, normal and hardworking and enjoy helping people out

Self SEO the crowd that goes it alone

From my own experience and becoming an entrepreneur over the last year and a half I have come to realize that it’s more cost effective to do some things yourself. I first wanted to start my own stock website which is still in progress and due to be released later this summer but I decided to get my feet wet with little stuff first. Naturally I taught myself about Photoshop and web designs that you can create in them. From that I progressed to CSS and HTML (now CSS3 & HTML5) and from there how to take that and make the site dynamic via a CMS like wordpress.

Self SEO

Putting SEO together yourself

One of the subjects I have read about is self SEO…well SEO really. There is an abundance of knowledge out there but if I have taught myself one thing it’s trial and error. Just because one tactic works for you doesn’t mean it will for others. There are too many niche specific factors to account for.  A part of learning this is actually a post targeting a low competition keyword that can help generate some new traffic and possible some long tail keywords.  There are some keyword tools that I talk about in a previous post that have helped me to gain to ranking among the search engine results.

There are some on site SEO factors that will affect your results and some people use SEO Tags to help them out. These can vary from h1, h2, h3 tags all the way to meta tags. There are arguments that they don’t provide any real benefit but there is no proof that by having them you will be negatively affected.

For me as one who practices self SEO, it’s always a learning experience, one that will never end and that is the appeal of it to me. No one thing is ever the same. You need to take the time to research, develop and test theories based on the results. I think the biggest take away from looking back at when I started is how I have changed into a person who is always evolving. Never stay static and uncovering new opportunities that actually push me to be better. .. so I challenge you to try something new, no matter how small it will change your perspective.

Build Domain Authority through High PR Links

When you are building links to your site and trying to figure out which keyword terms match up best with each term it’s vital to keep the end result in mind. Look at the big picture first then work back.
What is Domain Authority?

Today I will actually go out and explain this but if your reading this and your a member SEO Forums or Sites and don’t know what Domain Authority is.
The reason as to why it is significant to create and find a lot of high quality back links to your homepage is that it gives your website a lot more leverage as well as the ability to rank deeper interior web pages higher in the SERPs.


domain authority and High PR links

A snap shot of the Mcconnell Group domain authority

Once you have created a lot of domain authority you will find that your site will rank for a random term through building a handful of links and hit the first page but you will have the ability to simply just create the page and end up higher in the search engines.

Why do this?

Well because you have shown the Search engines that your site is one that creates a lot of high quality content and content that people read. It’s through high PR and link variety that you can achieve a good domain authority.


Have a look at this Whiteboard Friday to get a better idea as to what link link metrics to use and value over others