Autism Spectrum

A good parent wants to make sure that their children have as many opportunities as possible open to them. They want to make sure that they are able to learn and be a part of the world. These simple wants can be a little more difficult to achieve if you have a child that is autistic. While they might still be able to grow up to be a dentist or a lawyer working in politics, you're going to want to understand the different challenges that they might face as soon as possible. A good place to start is by learning a little bit about the autism spectrum.

Autism is not one condition that is the same for everyone who suffers from it. It is a series of related disorders that can be quite severe all the way down to something that you might not notice that a person has. The common link between people who suffer from autism is that they all have some level of difficulty with social situations, communicating and being flexible in their behaviour. While they might not be comfortable dealing with people sitting in close quarters, for example, you might find them in jobs related to technology or in more of an private office setting.

Some doctors will refer to a number of different disorders as autism while others will use the heading autism spectrum disorder and call one type specifically autism. Someone might also be affected by Asperger's Syndrome or Pervasive Development Disorder. A parent will definitely want to know which title applies to the condition that their child has, but you should understand that symptoms are always going to be unique to that person. While with one person, you might need to worry about the design of their room, while others might have more issues with school and being in crowded spaces.

There are several different symptoms that show that a person might be suffering from an autism spectrum disorder. If you notice that your child or someone that you know has issues being social, problems with language and speech, or has behavioural problems and repetitive movements to the point of obsession, it is recommended that they be tested. There are many people who are living with a form of these disorders who are living happily helping others to those that run their own businesses. But, managing their condition is definitely going to be dependent on knowing what their limitations are and how to work around these symptoms. If you're raising a child with autism then you might find it helpful to work off of their strengths.

If you or someone you know has autism look for places in your community that are 'Austism Friendly.' Places like Cineplex Theatres offer sensory friendly film screenings and even large cruise lines like Royal Caribbean cater to those with autism.

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