From a Humble Idea

We started with a simple digital lock design meant to increase security in homes and offices, but we quickly learned that our proprietary encryption method could be used for a lot more than just locks. McConnell became a true development company removing focus from manufacturing and concentrating on encryption for credit cards, financial transactions and much more.

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Evolution of the McConnell Brand

Let’s face it – we’ve had a lot of logo rebrands. It’s in McConnell’s culture to constantly want improvement, to better not only the team but the entire brand. We played with many logos and designs before settling for the ‘Fragmented M’, a bold yet unique symbol.

Peterborough Proud

We have our roots in the relatively small city of Peterborough, Ontario. A growing community that’s quickly becoming a hub for startup business, especially in technology, software and the environment. McConnell was founded here, operates here and will continue to grow as the community does.

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Foundations & Transformation

The McConnell Group originally started as Foxcor Inc, a company that was focused on creating and manufacturing digital locks. The ideas of Foxcor quickly outgrew the capabilities of the company, so it was decided to re-envision Foxcor as a more modern, lean and efficient company. With this change also came a smarter way of thinking. Develop and provide, rather than manufacture and compete. The fundamental goal of “Security without sacrificing Privacy” remains, but our approach has drastically changed.